How To Configure Emails On The Windows 7 Phone

Email on Windows Phone 7

After purchasing your Windows Phone device, the next natural step is to get your emails on the go. Email is the business side of your phone that you can set up as follows:

    1. Pick up your phone and go to the phones settings
    2. At the settings, select Email and Accounts
    3. Select Add an Account
  1. You can choose from various email accounts based on the email provider is.
  2. Select Outlook if you want to set up an Exchange Account
  3. If you cannot find your email provider, choose Other Account
  4. For all email providers, simply putting your email username and password will automatically set up you email.
  5. If you select Other Account, you may be required to add additional information from your provider.

To watch the ‘How-to’ video, please click here.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi