How To Configure Emails On The Microsoft Surface

Email on SurfaceRT

The Mail app on the Surface allows you to quickly send and receive email from all your email providers without switching between views or apps.Additionally, several features such as folders and messages ensure that your experience is seamless.
As a new user on the Surface, once you fire the Mail application you will be required to set up an account. The Mail application allows you to add accounts from various email providers including Outlook, Hotmail, Google and Yahoo.

  1. Go to Start and open Mail. Open the Settings Charm and tap Accounts. To learn more about getting started on the charms, see here.
  2. Add an account and select the type of account you want.
  3. Enter the required login details to your email; the username and password.
  4. Mail should find the email provider settings for you. However, it should be noted that Mail does not support emails that use POP. To see the available options in case your email uses pop, see here.

To watch a ‘How-to’ video click here.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi