An Affordable Web Development Company?

1. Why Choose SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) has been quite a popular option in the hosting industry in the recent years. Many business owners prefer to use this type of service mainly because it’s a great way to cut large costs without having to sacrifice quality. People can hire an affordable web development company to help develop their online presence. If this is your first time encountering the term, let’s expand the idea further and assess why it’s the best choice for business owners.

2. Introduction To SaaS

Basically, SaaS is a term that refers to a software delivery method which allows a client to access a software and its functions remotely as an Internet-based service. It lets you have access to business functionality at a much lesser cost compared to paying for licensed applications. The pricing of SaaS is generally based on a monthly fee. You don’t have to invest in additional hardware since the software is hosted remotely. With the use of this method, you won’t need to manage the setup, installation and daily maintenance of your website. It’s a very cheap option to maintain your site regularly with the help of an affordable web development company.

The idea of Saas is rather simple: you subscribe to the services of a SaaS vendor who will then perform the installation and configuration of the software applications your website needs, and then you use these applications. In essence, instead of buying the licensed applications outright, you “rent” them from your selected provider. Because of its convenience and affordability, Software as a Service is a highly preferable option for many business owners, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

3. Five Advantages Of SaaS

SaaS offers plenty of benefits. The top five advantages of SaaS are as follows:

3.1 Huge Cost Savings

The process of owning and continually maintaining traditional applications is undoubtedly expensive, time-consuming and exhausting. But with SaaS, you can significantly save money as you don’t have to purchase expensive applications. Moreover, there’s no need to deploy and maintain them since the service provider will do that for you. Our company will handle setting up and maintaining your website. We offer affordable prices for our full host of services so you can run your business smoothly and without any troubles.

You simply buy a subscription with much cheaper access fees instead of a license. Moreover, we manage the servers so there’s no need for you to spend on numerous IT hardware costs or hire more people for maintaining your IT infrastructure.

3.2 SaaS Is A Technically Superior Solution.

It’s more efficient and works excellently for developing your website. Aside from saving enormous costs, renting is the optimal choice because you’re hiring the services of a team of professional and highly qualified experts. Our company can adeptly install, deploy and configure the application for your convenience. We have trained, skillful programmers and web developers who will help improve and maintain your site at a fraction of the cost of buying the application. You don’t have to worry about lack of control as we offer you flexibility with your decisions as we guide you along the way.

3.3 Speedy Upgrade Of Software

Another great advantage of SaaS is the fast speed of upgrading software. There’s no need to wait for the software to come out, and then install and patch it. If you use SaaS software, you can easily access it. As web developers, our company will maintain and upgrade the software on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about waiting for the latest version. Each time you log in, you’ll be getting the newest software version to use for your website.

3.4 High Security

Many people are frequently anxious about losing data and privacy concerns. However, with a trusted and affordable web development company, there’s no need to worry about security issues. Our company uses state-of-the-art technology with back-up power systems and the highest level of security features to keep your data safely stored. We use top tier security protocols and sophisticated encryption for the security and safety of our clients’ data. Entrusting your data with a credible web development company is actually a better option as cloud data is safer from human error which is often subject to potential data loss. The clients’ information is constantly kept safe from accidental deletions and hardware failures through redundant data storage and back-up procedures.

3.5 Easy Access

Many SaaS products are easily accessible anytime and anywhere. Even if you’re not in your office, you can still use the software since it’s not installed on your computer. With access credentials, you can utilize the software from home or any place. Aside from the software, your data is also stored on a remote server. This allows convenient access to everything you need wherever you are. There’s also no need to carry a USB drive to take your data with you.

4. Why You Should Choose Us

We’re not just an affordable web development company; we’re a top-notch service provider with years of comprehensive experience in the industry. We have served numerous business owners and helped them develop their website so their business can run profitably online. We will guide you in developing your web presence and in reaching a wider audience for your business. We are professional webmasters with the highest qualifications. We aim to build an honest and long-term relationship with you, and we believe we can do this by providing only the best services that meet your online needs. If you aim to save costs and operate efficiently online, then choosing our company is the right solution for your business.

By Dr. Ataollah Etemadi