Writing A Blog? Things To Look For

Writing a Blog.Things to Look For.
Writing a blog can be exciting and fulfilling. With a blog, you can connect with people of similar interests through your writing and also earn some revenue doing it. It is important however to adhere to some unspoken blogging rules Read more

How to Configure Emails on the Most Popular Devices

There are various mobile devices now famous with consumers. These come from several major vendors namely Google’s Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, the Blackberry, Apple’s iPad, Amazon Kindle and Barns and Nobles Nook.
Below is a reference guide to quickly get your email up and running on your recently purchased mobile device or tablet.

  • How to configure emails on the Kindle Fire HD

Email on Kindle HD Read more

Top 10 Best Practices For Company Logos

Top Ten Best Practices for Company Logos
A logo is a quick and long-lasting way to inform your clients about your value proposition. Logos create a quick attachment to a company and represent a company’s commitment to maintaining the level of service their clients really enjoy. Read more