Administrative Email Address Change Form

UK Fax Number: 020 33 55 8745
US Fax Number: 1 800 706 7244
Attention: DivisionX,Inc. Support

Fax this form, complete with all applicable details, to the fax number above in the event that a Domain's Administrative Contact email address is no longer functioning, and must be changed to a new address.

Please make sure that all of the appropriate details are included (Note: the required elements will depend on whether the domain is owned by an individual or a corporation.

DivisionX, Inc. will email the new Administrative email address notifying them that the update has been completed. Note that the administrative email address is the only aspect of your domain record that DivisionX, Inc. will update. If you wish to change other details on your domain record, you can use the username and password that will be emailed to the administrator.

Required: Individual's Domain Name: Required: Corporation's Domain Name
1) Domain Name
2) Signed letter of request
3) Photo ID (current driver's permit or passport)
4) New administrative email address
5) Owner's Signature
1) Domain Name
2) Signed letter of request on Company letterhead
3) Business Registration documents
4) Photo ID connecting Requestor to the Corporation (current driver's permit or passport)
5) New administrative email address
6) Owner's Signature

This information should belong to someone with demonstrable signing authority for the organization, as shown on the Business Registration documents.

Administrative Email Address Change Template

Please include the appropriate information below, as specified in the table above.

Domain Name:
Company Name:
New Administrative Email Address:


- Signed letter of request (on company letterhead if required)

Include a clear photocopy of :

- Photo ID
- Business Name Registration / Incorporation Documents (if required)